Things that are Selling Well

In today’s downward market there are some businesses that are doing well.  For example, some companies that sell brown bags for taking your lunch to work are seeing their sales increase by about 40%.  As workers decide to save money by not eating out, they are buying products that let them take their lunch to work.  Plastic food container sales are probably on the rise as well.

Another area where sales are growing is in alternate energy.  Companies that install solar equipment are getting lots of calls as people look for ways to cut their energy expenses.  Windpower and other alternative power sources are doing well also.

There are many technologies that haven’t been cost effective in the past, but with high oil prices are now looking attractive.  Land that previously wasn’t worth using for oil may now be considered a great place to drill.

Oil companies are offering incredible concessions to environmental groups in order to get approval to drill.  These include things like turning large swaths of land into parks and game preserves as well as clean up of equipment abandoned by other companies.

Overall there are some major shifts in how people are spending their money in response to economic downturn.  It isn’t always rational, but the savvy business person can take advantage of these changes if they know where to look.

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